Growing up in rural Alabama, I was always taught people are like trees, they are known by their fruit. If you have ever spent any signigficant time around me you have probably heard me make this statement. Beyond being a forrest filled with tress, we are all the product of our own unique environments. It is my unique experiences that has led me to become a public speaker to share my innate ability to encourage, inspire and uplift people. As a  highly acclaimed public speaker who skillfully combines my passion to develop and inspire people with insightful quotes, biblical based principles, and empirical knowledge in leadership and human motivation, I deliver thought provoking keynotes that inspire change, motivate, challenge thinking and accelerate personal growth and development.


Women's Empowerment

As we embrace our unique attributes, women are taking their rightful place as leaders throughout society in business and politics, while remaining at the helm of our homes and families. During my keynote, I discuss the unique challenges women face and the toolbox of skills that are necessary to excel, overcome, and harness the power within to be successful through self-awareness, goal setting, and learning to balance all aspects of your life to gain the power you need to be successful.

Post COVID Business Growth, Strategy and Trends

Post COVID Business Growth, Strategy and Trends shares analytical and strategic ways to target, penetrate and diversify to create a competitive edge and presence in the marketplace. As we face a global pandemic, the way we conduct and engage in business will never be the same. I discuss cutting edge business growth strategies and innovative ways to position your business during tumultuous times. Learn how to take advantage of Federal and State Opportunity Zones and the various types of funding that are available to help you grow your business. Discussions on how to build and engage in Online business, drop shipping, and product sourcing is discussed as well as marketing strategies and how to succeed in a storefront in the new era of doing business.


Leadership is being an agile visionary and having the relational capacity to redefine what is possible to set a concise direction in a dynamic and committed way, in order to improve individual performance as well as creating an environment of psychological safety and high accountability. Leadership plays a primary role in creating and sustaining optimal culture. Leadership is the single most important factor in the outcome of any organization. It’s not likely you’re a natural born leader, most of us aren't. Leadership is the development of a variety of skills that separate you from the masses and provide you with ability to understand how to motivate people, overcome setbacks, create a shared vision, empower others to act and understand the importance of rewards and recognitions in human productivity. Do you have the leadership skills you need to move your organization forward? My engaging leadership training workshop helps participants fulfill their potential as a leader through understanding how top leaders in today’s successful businesses made the journey from manager to leader.

Innovation and Creativity

Innovation and Creativity is the ability to inspire a dynamic vision to create something unique. Innovation and Creativity keynote speakers celebrate creativity and innovation. There is an experimental path to challenging assumptions and conventional wisdom as well as having the courage to foster responsible risk-taking and authentic creativity to spur on new practices and ways of doing things.


During a Political keynote engagement I offer a glimpse into a complete understanding of politics and all that it encompasses: political parties, campaigns, media, election coverage, journalism, opinions, and ethics. I review the major uses facing our national and local leaders and the important role citizens plan in the political process. We discuss the power of the vote and the Electoral College, as well as Political Action Committees. My Politics Keynote allows unparalleled insight on how political parties make key decisions shaping our economy to improve global relationships, human rights, diversity, immigration, laws, policies, and statutes.

Inspiration and Motivation

Inspiration and Motivation encourages and influences by simple presentation of an idea or activity. Inspirational and Achievement keynote speakers share stories that can be heartbreaking, yet inspiring, to motivate citizens and audiences to make a change for something bigger than themselves. We are all products of our environment and it is my environment and life experiences that serve as the foundation of my motivational keynotes. I often say, "There can be no testimony, without a test." It is my life journey and the tests I have encountered that help me deliver powerful, engaging, empowering, impactful keynotes that touch those who attend my keynotes and participate in my workshops. People are limited more by attitude than opportunity, especially when fear, anger and complacency pervade in life. As a woman who has overcome extreme adversity, conquered insurmountable obstacles, I relate to my audience and the perplexities life present, but I help my audience understand we are not defined by our environment - you are bigger than any situation or circumstance you face, when you understand the purpose of your pain and the destination of your journey. 

Overcoming Adversity

Overcoming Adversity is having the right attitude and mindset to turn any type of misfortune into a triumph. Adversity keynote speakers have overcome by being able to stimulate creativity in the midst of challenges, expanding boundaries by concentrating on positive outcomes, and understanding every personal or professional disadvantage has a positive outcome if one is able to take hold of the present with clear focus, resilience, perseverance.

Workshops and Retreats

Workshops and retreats are a wonderful way to bring together a diverse group of people with one thing in common - they are ready to create change in their lives. When you attend my personal development workshop or retreat, you can expect something will happen, something in your life will shift. My workshops are designed to help you understand your own needs, desires, emotions, habits, and everything else that makes you who you are. The more you know about yourself, the better equipped you are to engage in healthy relationships, lead a productive life, and have an improved sense of self. Are you ready to change your life or increase productivity within your organization? Call me today so I can explore your individual needs and create a custom workshop that meets your unique needs. I promise your life and your business will never be the same!

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